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Residential Education and Housing Operations  

On Campus Housing

The Office of Housing and Student Life Operations

Housing and Student Life Operations strives to provide every residential student with a safe, clean and comfortable living & learning environment. We maximize the enjoyment of living and the excitement of learning here at UNC Asheville through our staff, our facilities, our amenities and our service.

Our desire is that each student as an individual and all students as a community will truly be able to call their residence halls at UNC Asheville a home away from home.

The Office of Residential Education

Residential Education works within the residence hall communities to create a vibrant living & learning experience for our students. Through our multi-tiered programs,  we work to help students experience, connect and engage with UNC Asheville and the larger community. Our staff of more than 100 is highly committed to creating and maintaining a living environment that fosters and facilitates personal growth, responsible citizenship and community involvement within the residence halls and beyond. Residential Education works collaboratively with the Housing and Student Life Operations and many other departments both within and outside the Division of Student Affairs to ensure that the residential living experience prepares students to be productive citizens and develop a lifelong commitment to learning and personal wellness.

Student testimonial

Kassandra Pierre

The comfort of it all sums up the feeling of living of campus. It's the comfort in knowing that your fellow residents are like you in the sense that they are students as well, but also different enough so that you are in a well rounded diverse community. It's the comfort of knowing that classes are just a walk, skip, or jump away. It's the comfort of knowing laundry can be done not too far from you, places to get food are not completely out of the way. It's really just the comfort of it all..

UNC Asheville students should live on campus to obtain the full college experience. It provides the ease of mind of classes being in close distance. It allows for the building of lifelong friendships with other students and the ability to build a solid networking system. It provides an experience unlike any other.

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