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Student Testimonials

Rachel Grandis

I love living on campus because it brings me closer to the whole UNC Asheville community. I get to meet new people every week through hanging out in the residence halls or eating in the cafeteria. I also feel like I'm always one of the first to know about exciting on-campus events.

I think you should live on campus because it gives you academic and social advantages that don't exist living off campus. You can attend fun programs that are catered to resident students and there is 24/7 access to quiet study spaces, social interaction, and a place to nap or relax in between classes!


Kassandra Pierre

The comfort of it all sums up the feeling of living of campus. It's the comfort in knowing that your fellow residents are like you in the sense that they are students as well, but also different enough so that you are in a well rounded diverse community. It's the comfort of knowing that classes are just a walk, skip, or jump away. It's the comfort of knowing laundry can be done not too far from you, places to get food are not completely out of the way. It's really just the comfort of it all..

UNC Asheville students should live on campus to obtain the full college experience. It provides the ease of mind of classes being in close distance. It allows for the building of lifelong friendships with other students and the ability to build a solid networking system. It provides an experience unlike any other.



JP Grillet

I love living on campus because of how simple it is. I don't have time to worry about rent being due, I don't want to debate whether I should pay for an Internet connection or not. I don't have time to make my own meals three times a day, never mind the time it takes to buy groceries, and I refuse to resort to a ramen diet. I'm an Eco conscious person, though I don't want to worry about how hot my shower can be or if I should flush the toilet less just so I can have a cheaper water bill.

On campus makes the commute to class easy. On campus advantage? Take this for example; I have the majority of my classes in Karpen, being a lit major. One day, since we were to have a test, I decided not to lug my 1500 page anthology to class, as per usual. When I arrived five minutes early, my professor let us know the test would be open book. With four minutes left until class, I was able to run back to my room for my book, and make it to class before the tests were distributed. On other days I can roll out I bed ten minutes before class and make it before almost any commuter! 


Tsaiwei Cheng

The best part about living on campus is that I can pretty much wake up 10 minutes before my classes and still make it on time. Living on campus puts you close to everything: your classes, campus resources, food, and your friends. There are so many resources on campus available to students. Such as the gym at the Sherrill Center, the Library, student organized events, Residential Education and much more. Also, living on campus makes me feel super safe. Being a female student, safety is definitely a big bonus. We have one of the safest campuses in the NC school system. And I know that if I ever don't feel safe, campus police is just a call away. They can escort you when you don't feel safe and also to the Student Health Center if you're sick.

Because you don't have to worry about money as much as you would living off campus. I don't have to worry about hassling my roommate to pay the rent, buying food, or pay for a gym. Even though the gym is free for all students, it's just so much easier to get there when it's right next to your dorm. You also don't have to worry about getting things fixed. I know that a lot of students that live in near-by apartments have trouble getting management to fix problems for such as leaks or broken stoves for students. I literally cannot count how many times I've e-mailed housing to fix whatever maintenance issues I came across in this past semester and a half. To sum it all up, I worry less living on campus. I make two payments in the entire school year and that's it. No need to worry about anything else. This means that I can focus on school, sleep, and friends.


Christina Healey

The thing I love about living on campus is the convenience and the community. The convenience of living on campus is the idea that I can walk out of my door and be no more than 5 minutes away from any of my classes. The community can range from just a suite, to a hall, to an entire residence hall.

UNC Asheville students should live on campus because they can receive the full college experience without having to worry about cooking and spending money for dinner, waking up earlier for classes, transportation or any of the other lurking factors in living off campus.

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