2020-2021 Reapplication and Room Selection for Current Students COMING SOON!

The 2020-2021 room reapplication/selection process for current residential students is COMING SOON!


The reapplication process will begin on Monday, February 24th. 

We are pleased that you wish to return to on-campus living for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 academic year. Current residential students who wish to remain on campus must reapply during the reapplication process. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and are subject to space availability.

The reapplication process for current residential students will begin on February 24th, 2020. The reapplication process indicates your interest to live on campus for the upcoming academic year. Only students who choose to retain their current room at the time of reapplication are entering into a binding housing contract at that time. Later in the process, you will self-select your space and be bound by the terms and conditions of the contract.

DO NOT participate in self-selection if you are trying to obtain off-campus housing. Once you have self-selected your room, you are assigned to that space and another student is denied the opportunity to live on campus. Self-selection is an instantaneous selection of your room for the upcoming academic year. Once you have selected your room, you have entered into the housing contract. Any cancellation requests, outside of the approved reasons, will result in a $750 breach of contract fee and the room charges for the remainder of the contract, which include both fall and spring semesters.

Before you begin the online reapplication process, please take a few moments to review the below information, so that you know and understand the deadlines, breach of contract, and know how and when to participate in the process.

Know your timeline

Reapplication Process - February 24th - March 6th

• In order to self-select your room, current residential students must reapply for housing during the designated reapplication period.
Monday, February 24th beginning at 9 am

• Submit your housing application: All current residential students interested in living on campus for the 2020-21 academic year must submit an application. The application will be available online beginning at 9 am on Monday, February 24th. To access the application, please log into your OnePort account and click on "Housing Portal." Select the "Apply for Campus Housing" tab and choose "Continuing Students."

• Students who do not reapply between February 24th and March 6th will not be able to select their room beginning on March 17th.

Watch a step-by-step presentation on how to apply for housing.

Monday, February 24th at 9 am

• Same Room Selection: Current residents who wish to keep the same room that they are currently assigned to will select their current room at the same time they submit their application. If you choose to retain your same space, and are displaced due to a conflict with your selection, you will be notified and offered a special time to select another room. Students who retain their space are bound to the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract. Do not retain your space if you are considering moving off campus, as you will incur the breach of contract penalty AND be held to the room charge for both fall and spring semesters! Roommates cannot be selected at this time. 

Tuesday, March 17th beginning at 9 am

1.Check your Email for Designated Selection Time: All residents with a completed application will receive an email with your designated selection time. You will be able to select your room beginning at the time indicated in your selection email. Your selection time is based on the order your application was received.

2. Any current residential student can select a room from available spaces. If you have retained your current space, you may now opt to choose another space or select the space for any roommates/suite mates. To select roommates/suite mates, the student must have an accepted application. 

Important Information:

• When selecting your room, you MUST click next after selecting your room. If you do not receive an assignment confirmation email after you have selected and clicked next, you have not successfully chosen a room and are not assigned housing.

• Once you have selected your room, you will receive an email with your assignment information. To request to cancel your application and assignment, please log into the Housing Portal and select the "cancellation form" from the "forms and agreements" section. Cancellation requests submitted for unapproved reasons are subject to the $750 breach of contract fee, and you will be held to the terms and conditions as outlined in the housing contract.

• You will also select your meal plan after you have chosen your room. Students who live in The Woods are not required to purchase a meal plan, but they have the option of purchasing one if they so choose. Read about meal plan options on the Dining Services website.

• You can change your room until 11:59 pm on June 30th. After June 30th, all room changes will be frozen until the next room change request period in August. If you are in a roommate group, you cannot change rooms for your entire group.

• If you have submitted an application and have not participated in self-selection of a room, you can withdraw your application with no penalty to you. To request to cancel your housing application, please log into OnePort, select “Housing Portal” and then the cancellation form from the “Forms & Agreements" section.

• Students who do not submit an application during the reapplication period can still apply for housing; however, at this point, you no longer have priority status, and will be wait listed. You will be contacted if/when you can participate in room selection.

  Roommate Group Selection

The Housing Portal has a feature that mimics the "friend request" feature of social media for Roommate Groups. When you create a Roommate Group on your application or in your Housing Portal profile, you are able to search for your friends and send them group invitations. If they accept, then they show in the Roommate Group as a member. If they reject, they do not show up in the Roommate Group.

You can assign roommates/suite mates via the Roommate Group to any remaining vacancies in your room or suite during your selection time. In order to assign roommates/suite mates, the students must have an accepted application on file and must have accepted the invitation to be part of your Roommate Group. You are allowed to have as many roommates/suite mates as there are vacancies in your room or suite. Keep in mind that spaces may have been filled by other students who participated in any phase of the room selection process, so roommate selection is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You will only see suites that have the same number of available spaces as the students you wish to assign. If you are unable to see suites with the number of spaces you are searching for, that means there are no spaces to accommodate your number of roommates/suite mates. If this is the case, do not randomly place students into other spaces. Notify them, so they are allowed to select rooms for themselves. If you have invited a new incoming freshmen or a new incoming transfer student to your group, and have made the assignment for them, you will NOT be able to change their room assignment, and they will not be able to change their room assignment until their selection time in July. 

Follow these simple steps to choose your preferred roommate/suite mate.

1.  Verify Your Roommates/Suite Mates Have Applied
Your preferred roommates/suite mates must have completed their housing application before you can assign them into any vacancies in your room or suite.

2.  Collect Your Roommate/Suite Mates InformationTo successfully choose a roommate/suite mate, you can use any of the provided fields (University ID, First Name, Last Name, or Campus Email) in the room selection portal in the Roommate Group section. You must invite them to be part of your Roommate Group, and they will receive an email prompting them to accept the invitation. You can only choose a room for students who have accepted your roommate group invitation - they will be identified as a "Member" of your group.

3.  Select for Your Roommate/Suite Mate
Beginning at 9 am on Tuesday, March 17th and ending at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 20th, any student who has participated in any phase of the Room Selection process, can add roommates/suite mates into vacancies in their room or suite. Simply login to your OnePort account and select, “Housing Portal.” From there, select “Choose my Roommate(s)” under the Continuing Student tab. Follow the on-screen prompts to add your roommate/suite mates to your room or suite.

Room and Board Fees for 2019-2020

All rates are per semester, with the exception of special block meal plans for residents of The Woods.

• Standard Double Room (Founders, Mills, Governors, South Ridge, and West Ridge Halls): $2,805 per semester
• Ponder Hall Double Room: $2,884 per semester
• The Woods double room (academic year): $3,796 per semester
• Single Room - Governors Hall and Governors Village: $3,569 per semester
• Single Room - Ponder Hall: $3,675 per semester
• Single Room - The Woods (academic year): $4,273 per semester
• Year-round housing (includes all break periods, including summer) - The Woods double room: $4,849 per semester
• Year-round housing (includes all break periods, including summer) - The Woods single room: $5,459 per semester

Meal Plans

Meal Plan: $2,107 (includes 7% sales tax) per semester, required for all residential students, with the exception of those living in The Woods.

Residential Meal Plan Options


  • 21 Meals + $75.00 Enjoy 21 meals per week and $75 in Declining Balance. Of the 21 meals, 5 can be used as a Meal Equivalency at a retail location.
  • 14 Meals + $200.00 Enjoy 14 meals per week and $200 in Declining Balance. Of the 14 meals, 3 can be used as a Meal Equivalency at a retail location.
  • 10 Meals + $400.00 Enjoy 10 meals per week and $400 in Declining Balance. Of the 10 meals, 3 can be used as a Meal Equivalency at a retail location.
  • 7 Meals + $600.00 Enjoy 7 meals per week and $600 in Declining Balance. Of the 7 meals, 3 can be used as a Meal Equivalency at a retail location.
  • 200 Meals + $300.00 Enjoy 200 meals per semester and $300 in Declining Balance. Of the 200 meals, 20 can be used as a Meal Equivalency at a retail location. These 200 meals can be used at anytime during the semester.

For more information about meal plans, please visit Dining Services.

Special Block Plans for Woods residents only:
o Block 150: TBD
o Block 100: TBD
o Block 75:   TBD
o Block 40:   TBD
o Block 20:   TBD
*Block plans roll over from fall to spring semester, so you will only be billed for block plans in fall.

Still have questions?

If you have questions about the application or room selection process, please contact us at 828-251-6700 or reslife@unca.edu