Services & Amenities

Maintenance, Housekeeping, or Room Setup Needs

To request service, please email and routine requests should be resolved within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Requests received after hours will be responded to on the next business day.


Residence Hall Laundry

Laundry services are provided through a partnership with Caldwell & Gregory. Laundry facilities are located on the first floor of each residence hall, except Ponder Hall which has laundry rooms on the 2nd & 4th floors. Each laundry room has instruction signs on the proper use of the equipment and how to notify Caldwell & Gregory if a machine malfunctions.

For all residential students, the cost of laundry is included in your room fees. There are no additional charges for washing or drying.


  • Students should have a full load of clothes each time they use the machines for best results.
  • Because the washers are high-efficiency front loading, students should only use H-E detergent.

Wash Alert

Want to know the status of washers and dryers in your residence hall? Check out which machines are available through the Wash Alert mobile app. You can set it up to email or text you when machine is available or when your washing or drying is complete.  (Wash Alert is not yet available in the Governor’s Village laundry rooms.)

How it works:

Sign On

Sign on by using the convenient QR code posted in each laundry room to monitor via your phone. Or, you can connect from your computer by clicking on the laundry room location from the list below.

View Availability

You will be able to see the availability of machines in your laundry room in real time.

Request a Text

If several machines are in use, you can request a text or an email when a machine becomes available.

Get Notified

Start your machine, then choose your machine on the Wash Alert site and enter your text or email information to be notified when the cycle is complete.

Wireless Internet

All residence halls are equipped with wireless connectivity throughout the building, as well as one ethernet port for each student in student bedrooms.

Community Kitchens

Kitchen facilities are located in each residence hall for students who wish to prepare meals, bake cookies, or try out new recipes. Community kitchens include an oven, cook top, sink, counters and cabinet space. Pots, pans, and other food preparation supplies can be checked out through the Resident Assistants in each area.

Cable Television

Included in your housing costs is a digital cable television package which you can access in two primary ways. Please refer to this sheet for channel lineups on both IPTV and basic cable.

UNC Asheville is pleased to offer Stream2 to all of our on-campus residents. Stream2 allows you to watch live television on your own terms – on laptops and other devices anywhere on campus. With a stellar channel lineup, the ability to pause and rewind live TV, and 20 hours of your own DVR space, Stream2 gives you the flexibility and control you need to stay up-to-date on sports, current events, and the shows that matter to you most.

How to Watch Stream2

Watch Stream2 on a computer:
Go to and select “log in”
Enter your University ID and password
Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Stream2 on an iOS device:
Download the Stream2 app from the App Store
Enter your University ID and password
Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Stream2 on an Android device:
Download the Stream2 app from Google Play
Enter your University ID and password
Start watching live TV or record some for later

To watch Stream2 on a TV, you will need a Roku or Roku TV, an Apple TV, or a laptop (with HDMI out) connected by HDMI cable to a TV (see supported devices).

Watch Stream2 on a Roku:
Connect your Roku to your TV via an HDMI cable
Connect your Roku’s power cord to an outlet
Follow the Stream2-on-Roku setup instructions found here
Select the Stream2 channel to watch TV on your Roku

Watch Stream2 on a FireTV:
Connect your FireTV to your TV via an HDMI cable
Connect your FireTV’s power cord to an outlet
Follow the Stream2-on-FireTV setup instructions found here

Watch Stream2 on an Apple TV via AirPlay:
Connect your Apple TV to your TV via an HDMI cable
Connect your Apple TV’s power cord to an outlet
Follow the Stream2 app walkthrough

Supported Devices

See what devices are supported here.
See what browsers are supported here.

(2) The second part of the residential package available only to students living in the residence halls is basic cable TV. Simply plug your TV into the wall and choose your channel.