Important Dates

Spring 2020


Spring Break

Monday, March 9 - Friday, March 13

Residence halls DO NOT close during Spring Break.

Spring Break has been extended one additional week, through March 22nd. For the health and safety of our community, we are currently developing protocols for those returning to campus. We recognize that some students will need to return to campus, so the campus will be open, including residence halls and Brown Hall, Ramsey Library and Health and Counseling. However, we strongly encourage all students to remain off campus until further notice.


Summer Break

Thursday, May 7 - Saturday, August 15

The residence halls will close at 9 am on Thursday, May 7. All students, with the exception of year-round students, must vacate the halls 24 hours after their final exam OR by 9 am Thursday, May 7, whichever occurs first.


Please visit the Registrar's page to view the full academic calendar.