Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is a group of people who traditionally live on the same residence hall and share a similar academic or personal interest. LLC’s at UNC Asheville offer students the opportunity to engage in an intentional community experience with like-minded individuals. Students involved in LLC’s will have the chance to live, study, and participate in programming that is specifically based on their joint interests. Additionally, all participants of an LLC will share in a curricular connection with their hall mates, which may include, but is not limited to, a joint class or workshop series.

Research shows that students who participate in LLC’s tend to have higher rates of student involvement outside of the classroom, increased academic achievement, increased academic and social support networks, and higher rates of retention.

LLCs Under Construction

Our Living Learning Communities are undergoing a facelift for the 2022-2023 academic year. We hope to bring you some new, exciting LLC opportunties, as well as revive a copule of our most popular ones. Please keep checking back, for updates.

Gen 1 LLC

Designed for new first-generation college students, Gen 1 aims to ease the transition into college. Learn More

The Cloud

For first-year and upperclassmen Atmospheric Science and Computer Science majors. Learn More


For prospective and established engineering students; offers skills labs, field trips, tutoring, and more. Learn More


For students interested in learning about social issues and exploring their personal responsibility in identifying and addressing social injustices in the world. Learn More


Designed to help transfer students lean into their time on campus, further their personal development, and create community. Learn More

THRIVE: First-year Transition LLC

For first-year students looking for a socially supportive environment to help in a healthy and successful transition to college life. Learn More

Sankofa LLC

For first-year students of color and others interested in racial justice, cross-cultural collaboration, and intercultural exchange. Learn More

Bridge LLC

For first-year and upperclassmen students who aim to know and appreciate various indigenous cultures of the world. Learn More