Mills Hall

Mills HallMills Hall houses 296 students in carpeted suites composed of two bedrooms (4 persons), a den and a bathroom. It will be your responsibility to keep the bathroom clean. Suites have one upholstered couch and one upholstered chair in the den area. The university provides beige blinds in each room. If you wish to put up curtains, you must use a spring rod. We suggest you wait until you arrive to make any large purchases of decorating items. No nails or tacks will be allowed in the walls or ceilings. Poster tape is permissible.  

Amenities Include:

  • One microwave-refrigerator per suite
  • Carpeted rooms
  • A shared den/living room space
  • Air-conditioning
  • Laundry room
  • TV lounge
  • Vending area
  • Several study lounges
  • Computer lab with free printing (bring your own paper)
  • High-speed Internet - one port per student and wireless hot spots
  • Free expanded basic cable service
  • Community kitchen
  • Outdoor activity/volleyball court
  • Adjacent to the Highsmith University Union

Approximate dimensions:

Double Room: 11' 4" x 11' 4"
Single Window: 3' 7" x 4'

Mills Hall Floor Plan

Mills Hall Floor Plan

Approximate furniture dimensions:

Dresser Desk Bed
Height: 30" Height: 30" Height, bunked: 6'
Height, unbunked: 3' from bottom of mattress to the floor. Height can be lowered
Width: 30" Width: 48" Mattress Length: 7'
Depth: 24" Depth: 24" Mattress Width: 3'

The closests in Mills Hall are a total of 7' high and 6' wide, divided into sections.  Each student has three rods for hanging clothes that are approximately 18" long each, as well as two shelves in the closet.

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