Sankofa LLC

  • Serves: First-year students of color and students looking to engage, explore, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Location: Mills Hall 3rd floor B side
  • Joint Class Associated with LLC: AFST 178, Thinking From the Margins
  • Requirements: Class enrollment, active participation in programming sponsored by Residential Education, Interdisciplinary and Africana Studies Department, and Office of Multicultural Affairs, etc.

For questions about this LLC, please contact Resharia Keller, Community Director for Mills Hall, at

Sankofa is an Akan term that means “to return, to go back and get it, to seek.” It is the idea that in our past we find the power and strength to create a brighter future, and how we need our past to give us context on how to move forward.

The Sankofa Living Learning Community at UNC Asheville is an interdisciplinary and co-curricular program for first-year students of color and students looking to engage, explore, and foster diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through required enrollment in AFST 178: Thinking From the Margins, students will develop global and cultural perspectives, and examine structural inequalities and social engagement as they relate to the student experience.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of respect for difference and community building through participation in the following programs:

Sankofa is not a living learning community for those looking:

  • For a Eurocentric perspective,
  • To use this as a space for cultural tourism,
  • To be “allies”,
  • To observe and not participate

Living and learning in the Sankofa community requires that students welcome the invitation to learn, embrace, and be open to a new way of seeing the world. It is a place where students can connect with others comfortably and become the best version of themselves, building on historical experiences and perspectives relevant to their true identities.