ELC – Engineering Learning Community

The ELC is open to Engineering majors, and offers first-year and upperclassman participants extra-curricular opportunities to develop collaborative and technical skills. Since all members of this RLC are studying in the Engineering program, they share common requirements. This RLC will provide support for these common requirements, as well as additional extracurricular opportunities and programs related to the communities shared interests. Students participating in The ELC will live in Ponder Hall and will share in a number of extracurricular opportunities and programs related to the community’s shared interest. Please contact the Area Director of Ponder Hall, Grace Bergt, for more information at gbergt@unca.edu.


First-year and upperclassmen students


  • Must be a declared or Intended to major in Engineering
  • Participate in RLC events

Co-curricular Partner:

Engineering 101 (E101) for first-year participants


Ponder Hall 3rd Floor


  • Participate in professional development opportunities
  • Practically engage in a technical skill development
  • Gain a greater understanding of how diversity and inclusion is valued in the field
  • Develop study groups and support networks in-hall