The Honors Program Learning Community

The Honors Program Learning Community is currently open to first-year residential students who have been accepted into the University Honors Program. This RLC is intended to allow Honors students the opportunity to live near one another in the Ridges, including in a designated Honors block on the 3 rd floor of West Ridge Hall. The Honors RLC will offer some extracurricular activities, as well as social programming. For more information, please contact the Graduate Residential Director, Kerstan Nealy, at


First-year students


  • Must be an active member of the Honors Program
  • Participate in RLC events

Co-curricular Partner:

FYS 178.0H1 – 0H4 HONORS First-Year Seminars


West Ridge Hall 3rd Floor


  • Live with or near other Honors Students
  • Develop study groups and support networks in-hall
  • Enjoy Honors programming and social events