TLC – Transfer Student Learning Community

The Transfer Learning Community (TLC) is composed of transfer students who are in their first year of studies at UNC Asheville. The perspective of the transfer student is one worth highlighting. Using the Eight Dimensions of Wellness and the UNC Asheville Strategic Plan, TLC residents will learn how to lean into their time on campus, further their personal development, and create community. For more information, please contact Dylan Lawing, Associate Director of Residence Life, at


First-year UNCA transfer students


  • Enroll in required course – LA 250: Discovering and Developing Grit and Perseverance
  • Transfer student to UNCA
  • Participate in RLC events


Gardner Hall


  • Become socially and academically integrated into the Asheville community
  • Obtain knowledge of campus resources and services available to help them succeed
  • Obtain knowledge of campus organizations and how to become involved on campus
  • Obtain knowledge of curricular concepts, resources, and policies that contribute to academic success and occupational goals
  • Engage with and gain an understanding of those from diverse backgrounds, including socioeconomic status, racial/ethnic identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, people with diverse abilities, etc.