Spring 2023 Room and Meal Plan Selection Process

Spring 2023 Room Selection Process

This process is only for incoming students for spring 2023. Current residential students do not need to participate in room/meal plan selection for spring.

All UNC Asheville students, who successfully submit a housing application prior to the room selection period, will participate in room self-selection, which means you are searching for and selecting your own residence hall and room. New Student Room Selection for Spring 2023 will begin in mid-December. Students will receive an email about selection times before selection begins. Selection times are based on date of completed housing application and contract. If you are under the age of 18 at the time you completed your housing application and did not have your parent/guardian co-sign your contract, you are ineligible to participate in room selection. Your designated selection time is your first and best opportunity to obtain the space you are hoping for.

Room Selection

  • Once you have selected a room, you will receive an email with your housing assignment and the name of your roommate, if one has already selected into the room. You can view your assignment and roommate information at any time by logging into OnePort, selecting “Housing Portal”, “Profile Information”, and “View My Roommate(s).”
  • Students who submit a housing application and do not participate in selection of a room will be manually assigned to a space on or after January 3, 2023 by the Housing Office. You will be notified of your assignment via email to your UNC Asheville email address. Once an assignment has been made, all charges associated with breach of contract will be enforced. Learn more about breach of contract.
  • Once you have selected your room, or the Housing Office selects a room for you, you are bound to the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract. Any cancellation of your contract for an unapproved reason will result in breach of contract and other charges. Learn more about cancellation of your housing assignment.

Selecting a Roommate/Suite Mate

During room selection, you will be able to see student information, including name, age, and the answers to their roommate preference questions, of students who are already assigned to a bed space and/or suite, to assist you in choosing a roommate. If you are trying to live with a current student, please verify with the student that they have a current vacancy in their room/suite. You can then search by available spaces in the room/suite. Please keep in mind that other students are going through the room selection process, and can assign themselves to any available space on campus, that is open to them during selection.

Roommate Groups

The benefit of a Roommate Group, is that one person in the group can make the room selection for everyone who has accepted the invitation to join the group. It is recommended that the person with the earliest selection time, be the one to select for the group. Important information regarding Roommate Groups:

  • Only students who have accepted the invitation to join a Roommate Group are members of the group. You can view your roommate group status in the profile section of the Housing portal
  • A Roommate Group does not guarantee you housing.
  • A Roommate Group does not hold a space for you with others in your Roommate Group.
  • During room selection, if you are part of a Roommate Group, you will only be able to see suites with enough room to accommodate your entire group.
  • If one person in the Roommate Group selects housing on their own, the rest of the group members will not be able to select housing and must leave the group.
  • First time freshmen are not allowed to live in the Woods or Village. If anyone in your group is a current student, or a new transfer, and wants to live in these 2 areas, they will not be able to select spaces for any freshmen in their group, and the group will need to disband.

My College Roomie

We have partnered with My College Roomie (MCR) – a roommate finder/roommate matching software company. Be on the lookout for an invitation email from MCR. At this time, MCR is only available to new incoming students.

Watch a step-by-step presentation on how to select your room.

Room Changes

You will have the opportunity to change your room until 11:59 pm on December 31. After the deadline, no room changes will be allowed until the official Room Change Request Period, which is usually 1-2 weeks after the start of the spring semester.

Meal Plan Selection

  • During the room selection process, you will also be required to select a meal plan. All residential students, with the exception of those living in The Woods, are required to have a meal plan.
  • If you do not participate in self-selection, the Housing office will default you to the 21 meal plan. You will have the opportunity to change your meal plan until 11:59 pm on the 3rd day of classes. More information will be sent to you regarding meal plan changes.
  • Please visit the Dining Services website or contact them directly for more information regarding meal plan options.